Hello Hello…..

Hope you’re all doing wonderful this Thursday evening….I’m SO ready for it to be Friday!!! I hope you all have enjoyed a wonderful day….it’s been a cooooollll day here…and supposed to be a rainy weekend….but that’s ok because I’ll be spending it in my ARTHaven!!!
I thought I would stop in and say “Hey” and share some new stencils I’ve designed and listed in my ETSY Store…..

I’m really enjoying creating stencils….Hey if any of you have a particular design you’re looking for and would like me to create something for you….feel free to drop me an email…would love to hear from you….
Thanks so much for stopping by to visit with me again…..I would like to wish you all a very blessed weekend….and I hope you’ll come by and visit with me again soon…. Until next time!!!!

Good Morning….Happy Tuesday….

Good Morning Everyone….Hope you are all doing well on this crisp Tuesday morning….WOWZERS can you believe we are already half way through November….it’s so hard to believe Christmas will be here in no time…..However I am really looking forward to a 3 day work week next week…..

Not a whole lot going on for me this morning…but I just wanted to stop in and say hello…and thought I would share with you a few more projects I had created over the months between my postings earlier in the year……I wasn’t completely idol!! 😉 First I’ll show you a couple pieces I’ve designed for my ETSY Store….the first one is customizable for the particular person/family in your life….

And this one is a piece I wrote the poem and created the piece…..I love how it turned out…..it has a floating frame affect with a calming hillside view in the background.

You can see more details about each of them by clicking on the images above.

The next few pics I’ll show is just some of the vinyl work I’ve done for family…..and I’m so truly enjoying this!!!!

OK OK…LOL…I won’t bombard you with any more!!! I just wanted to show you just some of the things I’ve created for our kiddos..and ME ;)….I’ve been having SO MUCH FUN!!! And I just can’t shout loud enough how much I am LOVING the Silhouette software AND my Cameo 3…..This paring is AMAZZZZZING!!!! 😉
Alright…I won’t torture you any longer!!! But I DO want to THANK YOU so much for stopping by to visit with me!!! I truly hope you like the goodies I’ve been creating….I would like to wish you all a very blessed week…and I so hope you’ll come by again to visit me soon!!! Until next time…

Happy Sunday!!

Good Morning and Happy day after Veteran’s day to all of those who have served and are serving!! What a great debt of gratitude to you we all owe!!!  My hubby, son and grandfather and dad were all veterans…..couldn’t be more proud of them all!!! It’s because of you all we have the freedoms we enjoy!!
I just wanted to share something with you that I was gifted yesterday from my Sister in Law…she moved back to our hometown from Minnesota and had a piece of furniture she no longer wanted….I was HONORED to receive it as it is a piece that hubby and her father had made many years ago…..it’s a desk and it is STUNNING!!!  I added it to my ARTHaven yesterday and am absolutely IN LOVE…the quality of this desk is phenominal…mean to last a lifetime for sure and the memories it holds is so special….my Father in Law is an amazing man and has such a sweet and gentle heart!!!

See…didn’t I tell you it was GORGEOUS!!! I’m SO excited it’s MINE now…..it will be treated with love for sure!!!
THEN….PawPaw and Nana (aka Hubby and me) were blessed to have our Tator Tot (aka youngest granddaughter Taylor) spend the night….what a sweetheart our 4 year old granddaughter is…she had such a big time playing all night til time for bed…..I snapped this picture that just melts my heart….see the love a granddaughter has for her PawPaw just makes my heart burst!!!!
Isn’t that SO SWEET!!!
Today we’re having all the family over so we can celebrate Thanksgiving with all our kids because one of them will be celebrating with their other side of the family on Thanksgiving day…..so we just go with it and make due!!! It’s whatcha gotta do…right??? 😉 Should be a fun afternoon…
Ok….Just one last thing…thought I would share with you another stencil I created for a special request….it cuts beautifully and has awesome detail!!!

Some See Weed a Some See a Wish 3 Dandelion Stencil 10″x8 3/4″

Okie Dokie….this catches me up for the morning!!!  Off I go to prepare for our dinner…I want to THANK YOU for stopping by to visit with me and I wish you all a very blessed day….I hope you will stop by again!!! Until next time…

Happy Friday Happy Friday!!!

Well I don’t know about you all….But I surely know I’m HAPPY it’s FRIDAY!! 🙂  Even  though it’s chilly outside I’m looking forward to my weekend!!! 
My Tator Tot aka youngest granddaughter is spending the night with us…aka Nana and PawPaw on Saturday night…that should be FUN….she’s 4 now…can you all believe that??? for all those who might remember when she was born…Just can’t believe she’s 4 already and in PreK….she sure loves her Nana and PawPaw and we SURE love her so much!!! 😉  Not sure how much I’ll get to play in my ARTHaven on Saturday….LOL and Sunday we’re having the family over for dinner since one of our sons won’t be with us for Thanksgiving day….. ;(  But I AM planning on spending my evening tonight playing in my ARTHaven!!!
I want to tell you all THANK YOU so much for the loving comments I received on my last post…I was so surprised and touched….made me smile from ear to hear!!!
Some of the things I’ve been creating when I have been quiet is scrapbooking pages…WOWZERS can you believe I’m saying that…I always swore after I made a scrapbook for my boss YEARS ago that I never wanted to do another one again…but lately I’ve been thinking alot about that….What happens when I go home to stay with the Lord….will my kids even mess with all my digital images….what happens if we lose power …..the scenerios can go on and on……just the what ifs won’t stop….I remember as a child how my enjoyment I got from flipping through albums and pictures….That’s what finally clicked with me….Thoughts I’m sure so many of you have had eons ago…..but if finally all resonated with me….
So I have begun scrapbooking my family….I have so much to do….but you have to start somewhere right!?? Since taking the jump and just starting I’m finding I’m getting alot of enjoyment doing it this time…perhaps it’s because I’m doing them for my family…..but if that’s what it is I’ll take it…cause fact is…I’m loving it….thought I would share a few of the pages I’ve done so far…..

So…LOL Obviously you can see I chose to start with my precious granddaughters!!! LOL  Why not..they’re gorgeous right!! 😉  planning on doing their lives and the boys and then mine and hubby’s so they’ll remember all about us when we’ve gone to be with the Lord…..
Deciding to take this venture in creating I’ve come to realize is so important and is actually bringing me alot of enjoyment!!!! 😉 I hope you like these!!!!
I’ll share more projects I’ve done in the recent past with you in other posts…don’t want to bombard you with gazillions of pics in one post..LOL….
But I will share with you a pic of another stencil I’ve recently designed and listed in my ETSY Store…..I think it turned out adorable and is a very detailed and beautiful stencil…..
Isn’t that pretty!!! Would love for you to check it out…you can click on the link or the image above!!!
Okie Dokie….this comes the end to another post for the day….lunch time is over…back to work I go!! 🙂  I want to Thank you so much for stopping by to visit with me!!! I do hope you enjoyed your stay…and I hope you’ll come by again soon….Would love to hear from you….Wishing you all a very blessed week….Until next time!!

Long Time No Post….

Hello Everyone….I hope all is well in your world…..I know I’m enjoying the Fall weather we have in my little town in Kentucky….our leaves are pretty but they’re surely building up in the yard!!
I’ve been creating in my ARTHaven but just haven’t gotten around to posting….Thought maybe it’s time to drop in and say HEY…..
I recently made some big changes in my ARTHaven after some soul searching as to what I’m really enjoying and what I’m not….Made the big realization that I do NOT enjoy embroidery or sewing…so I took the plunge and sold my embroidery machines…..and jumped into the Heat Press world and absolutely LOVING it…as are all my children and grandchildren…seems they always have projects they want me to create…
Created several projects for me and I have to say this one is my favorite so far…..

So I’m beyond thrilled with that decision!!!
Then another BIG decision I made for me was the type of cutter I’m now using…..some may or may not remember…or even care…LOL that for years I used a Silver Bullet cutting machine…which was and still is a fantastic machine….but my eyes had other things to say about it and it was becoming harder and harder for me to see to align the laser for the print and cut I enjoy doing so much….So I had to start thinking of a different solution….
I did research on the Brother Scan n Cut machine and loved the idea of the scanner built into it….and thought the screen on it was nice…..I was still able to utilize the SCAL software and export the file as an SVG to then import into Brother’s Canvas website…..but I found after about a year of using it….that I was struggling just the same with seeing the small screen on the machine and I was not overly impressed with their Canvas designing page…..so onto more researching for me…..
I started looking at the Silhouette software and their Cameo 3…….the thought of being able to do EVERYTHING in 1 program and then actually send the file to the machine from the software was so impressive to me…..I watched tons of videos….did alot of reading and alot of playing with the software and decided to take the plunge….
Well….I have to tell you….It was the BEST DECISION for me!!!! First off…this machine is FABULOUS!!! I love every single thing about this machine!!!  And the software…..WOWZERS!!! I was always so used to having to create in Inkscape and then send to SCAL….NOT anymore!!!!  I no longer use Inkscape or SCAL….I solely am using the Silhouette software from creation to cutting….it is a very powerful program and the ability to have a blade and a drawing tool in the machine at the same time….AWESOME….I find myself using this software and my cutter every single day….I am back to the passion I had for creating that I enjoyed so many years back and I can honestly say a huge part of it is because of these recent decisions I’ve made. How about that!!! 😉
So those are the big changes in my ARTHaven……I’m a happy happy girl!!! 😉  
I’m also starting to put more focus back into my ETSY store….I created 2 new stencils tonight and have them listed…..I think they turned out so beautiful….

You can see how beautifully they cut by clicking on the images above…….they are perfect to use in your bible journaling, mixed media creations…you name it….would love for you to check them out!!
Lastly  I thought I would share with you pics of my ARTHaven…it’s been sometime since I’ve shared pics of the place I truly love creating in…..hope you like the tour….

Okie Dokie…..that pretty much catches me up for the night!!!! I want to thank you so much for stopping by to visit with me!!!  It makes me smile when I hear from you…..so if you feel like leaving a comment I’ll definitely see it!!!  I would like to wish you all a very bless week and invite you to return when you can!! Until then….

Good Morning…Happy Monday!!

Hello Hello Everyone….I hope this posts finds you all starting out with a wonderful Monday!!!
I enjoyed a  wonderful weekend…the weather was beautiful!!!
A very dear friend of mine has a birthday today….HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rita!! At the same time she is going through a difficult journey…..she is preparing her heart for the impending passing of her precious daddy…only a mere 3 or so months since her mama’s passing…and the pain is just so intense for her……I wanted to make her something to remind her each and everyday they will ALWAYS be with her and waiting  for her when her time here on earth is done…….
I have shared images of the piece with her…..I gave her the choice to see or just be surprised…she shared she wanted to see….and loves the piece….she additionally gave me permission to share the video I created of the process of creating this piece…..so I’m sharing it below….

And here are still pictures of the piece…..

I did utilize a couple of stencils I have listed in My Store on this piece…you can find them listed below if you’re interested in them….
I hope you enjoyed the process and like the process….but more importantly…I know my sweet friend…Rita loves it…which makes my heart so happy!!!!
After that was completed I actually played with my Distress Oxide inks to create a birthday card for my youngest granddaughter’s upcoming birthday…can’t believe she will be 4!!!  These are the supplies I used….
And here’s the quick card I came up with…..

I enjoyed playing with these….not sure yet if I really like them….but they are interesting….time will tell I guess….I also have made some special things for her but I can’t share them yet….cause I don’t want her mama and daddy to just happen upon my blog and see them…I want it to be a surprise….
So…that catches me up for the day….I really appreciate you stopping by to visit with me!!!!  I would also love to hear from you……I wish you all a very blessed week ahead….and I’ll be back with you soon!!!

Hello….Something FUN to share with you…

Hey Hey Everyone!! I hope this post finds you all doing awesome!!!
I’m excited to share some FUN news with you…..I think it’s best explained in the following video…..

So….How COOL are they??? I’m so beyond thrilled….and excited to create even more….I’m sharing the still photos below so you can see better….
As a reminder here’s the mixed media canvas I created…..and it’s available for sale in my store here:

Rest In His Grace Mixed Media Canvas 11″x14″

And here are the images of the phone case and coffee mug I ordered with MY ART on them….

I would love for you to check out the other items I have for sale as well as these on my store here:


Okie Doke….That’s it for me for tonight!!! I sure hope you’re thrilled with these…I KNOW I sure am!!!  I want to thank you for stopping by to visit with me…..it always makes my day and I love hearing from you!!!  I hope you will stop by again…and I wish you all a very blessed week!!!