A Clarification

Hello Everyone…I am so very sorry….Wordpress is giving me a FIT of me trying to advise you all I’m moving my blog back to blogger!!!  I apologize for the bombardment of multiple posts….I’m just trying to make you all aware….Not meaning to blow up your mailbox for whose who are receiving my posts via email.

However…the CORRECT blog address is:



Thank you so much to all of you who let me know of the mistake I had made….Hope to see you over at blogger…..Going to be working on a blog post today!!

Just an FYI you can also access all my old cutting files over there as well…..and I may start sharing cutting files again if anyone is interested…..


Happy Saturday…Moving Back!!

Hello Everyone…Hoping this post finds you all doing well!!!  I just wanted to drop a note here to let everyone know that I am going to need to move back over to Blogger with my blog….As I’m going to be trying to get more active again with my blogging and posting and sharing…I’m finding the free version of WordPress to be limiting in space….

Because I am doing this for pleasure of creating and sharing I do not want to have to invest money into a blog….so this is the best solution for ME…..So if you will…Please click on the link HERE:



See you over there……as I DO have a NEW Blogpost complete with a video!!

Good Morning….

Happy Tuesday Everyone…I hope this post finds you all doing well today!!!  It’s a crisp morning here….but no rain….that’s supposed to return tomorrow…Ugh….we have so much high water around here….just hope we don’t get massive flooding….But..ANYWAY!!! 😉

I had shared the other day I would try to get pictures of the scrapbook pages I’ve done so far posted… so those of you who might want to peak could…..I decided just to upload them to an album and let you just go to the album and view them …as opposed to posting each of them here…you would be scrolling a while!! 😉

So….anyone interested….here’s the link below…


Alexis Layouts (2)

The boys in this page are my 2 sons when they were MUCH younger….LOL…but this was the bestest doggie to ever have lived!! 😉

I’m happy with how they’ve turned out so far…..and love how I’m truly enjoying creating those…..I Made a decision a couple months back that was huge for me….I enjoy printing my scrapbook pages and embellishments myself rather than using the paper stacks you purchase from the stores….(mind you I have tons of those…LOL)

I previously had an Epson 7510 12×12 printer which I loved….but printing your own papers can go through the ink cartridges rather quickly….so I took the plunge and invested in the Epson Eco tank ET-16500…and OMGoodness….this machine is a dream!!!! It works with bottles of inks that you fill the tanks with…supposedly the bottle of each color is to give you prints for approximately a year…..but they are so economically priced even if it only lasts 6 months it will pay for itself in no time….

So now when I print my papers and embellishments I don’t feel guilty doing it…I just love being able to put that extra special touch on my pages….

Okie Dokie…Time for me to go to work…YUCK!! 😉  I would like to wish you all a very blessed day…and I hope you will stop by and visit again…Until next time!!

Challenge Met….

How about this!! 2 Challenges in 1 day!! I’m on a roll…..now for it to just continue!!!  Again it’s for the Outlawz Ning Group and this one is the Special Challenge using a digi image….the particular image I’m using for this challenge is from artist Sheepskidesign


Sheepskidesign Sunflower Image

Isn’t that a pretty image?….Well I decided to work on another scrapbook page…..so here’s what I created incorporating that image….


I think the digi image works well with the layout I created….don’t you???  And I must admit I am enjoying taking a particular element that is required and incorporating it into a layout I’m creating….helps expand your creativity….If you haven’t done this before I would really give it some thought to trying it…..

I have taken photos of all the scrapbook pages I’ve created so far……I will work on sharing them with you in the next few days…..who knows….may even get it done tomorrow afternoon….Tomorrow morning we go to look at the venue once more for the upcoming wedding of our youngest son and his fiancé…..we are so ready for this wedding….they have loved each other since the 7th grade…it’s a beautiful love story with joy, heartbreak and joy again…..and they are truly soul mates…..I had the honor of creating their save the dates…..thought I would show a pic of that here….I love how they turned out…

Kendel & Dylan Save the Date

Didn’t it turn out awesome…and don’t they look so happy!!! This mama couldn’t be more proud!!

Okie Dokie….that’s it for me for the night!!! Thanks again for stopping by to visit with me….I wish you all a very blessed and safe evening and Sunday!!!  Until next time…

Happy Saturday…..

Good Morning Everyone…I hope you are all doing well this morning!!! So…I recently joined a group I had received an invitation to…..The Outlawaz Ning Group…..in a hope to regain inspiration for creating….and in the meantime work on scrapbook pages and things I’m wanting to complete…..

So one of the groups I joined was the Color Challenge Group…..this week’s challenge was for Blue/Yellow/Red colors and must include a hot air balloon…..here’s what I came up with…..

Penny 7th Grade 1977-1978

Please tell me you see Blue/Yellow/Red stronger then the other colors you also see!! LOL

I had fun creating this……and looking forward to doing more challenges!! Don’t you just Love (NOT) that zit in the middle of my face!!! HAHA…and that’s actually my hair color when I was young…before it all turned white!!  And those bangs and “side bangs” I was so mad at my step-dad…..I wanted to have “Farrah Faucet” hair so badly….as my hair was all one length…..but my mom wouldn’t take me to have it cut…..my step-dad said he could cut it for me….so me being a nieve 12 year old decided to let him give it a go and he wacked it on the sides…..I was devastated and furious at the same time….Obviously I NEVER let him cut my air again!!! LOL

So…that’s it for my contribution to the Color Challenge…I hope you got a good giggle from the picture…….I’ve done other scrapbook pages of my kiddos and granddaughters…I need to take pictures of them and share them here…..would anyone be interested in seeing them??  I am surprised how much I’m now enjoying scrapbooking….I always thought I hated it….then decided that I really wanted to preserve pictures we could touch rather then just keeping them digitally….and I’m actually using the pictures from days of old….

Anyway….Thanks so much for stopping by…..it means so much more than you know…and for following me over to my new home here on WordPress….I do hope you will stop by again…until next time…I wish you very blessed days!!

Hello Everyone….

Hey…Hope this post finds you all doing well….Just wanted to welcome you over to my new home here on WordPress…..Decided to make this move for myself…and hoping I will begin sharing layouts I create on my scrapbook pages and other cards and such….it’s been so long and I’m really wanting to work on that!!

I hope you’ll make my blog to follow now that I’ve moved over here…..Hoping starting tomorrow to begin sharing a photo or 2….working on finding some groups to get more involved in….and you will noticed I do have links to both my old cutting files and to my YouTube channel for those who are looking for those…..

Again….thanks so much for stopping by and I wish you all a very blessed weekend!!!

Happy Tuesday….

Good Morning Everyone….I hope this posts finds you all doing well…It’s been SO LONG since I’ve really reached out online…..I’m trying to get back to my roots of creating and blogging about my creations I think…..as of late I’ve been trying to really think to myself what I’m wanting to really do to bring me joy in crafting again…..
I’ve started scrapbooking my family and though it was something I thought I would never enjoy….I find myself really loving it…..
I’m getting away from messy mixed media I believe and back to my roots of paper and ink and my computer…..I’m really looking to find some awesome creative groups I can possibly join and interact with…..that AREN’T on Facebook preferably……it’s just a place I don’t much care for….is anyone else like that??
If anyone even reads my blog anymore….do you happen to know of any??? I would love to hear from you…..I’m just afraid I’ve been forgotten in our creative blog world and not sure what I need to do to jump back into it…LOL
Sure hoping to get at least 1 comment from this post!! HA….Wishing you all a very blessed day and week ahead!!