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Happy Saturday…Moving Back!!

Hello Everyone…Hoping this post finds you all doing well!!!  I just wanted to drop a note here to let everyone know that I am going to need to move back over to Blogger with my blog….As I’m going to be trying to get more active again with my blogging and posting and sharing…I’m finding the free version of WordPress to be limiting in space….

Because I am doing this for pleasure of creating and sharing I do not want to have to invest money into a blog….so this is the best solution for ME…..So if you will…Please click on the link HERE:



See you over there……as I DO have a NEW Blogpost complete with a video!!


12 thoughts on “Happy Saturday…Moving Back!!

  1. Unfortunately it tells me your new blog site can’t be reached. I’m on an android tablet .

    • I am So confused!!! ;/ I go to the blog post on WordPress….click on the links I provided and it goes directly back to my old blogspot webpage…..scratching my head……the website is:
      https://pennyduncancreations.blogspot.com ….if you’re attempting to click on the link from an email you may have received that’s probably why…..I have fixed the wordpress.com links…thank you so much for checking with me!!!!
      Wishing you a blessed day..Penny

  2. I have tried to access your site via an ipad and desktop computer, and both say not able to access.


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