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Hello and Happy Sunday…

Hello Everyone…Hope you are all doing wonderful!! It’s been a bit since I’ve posted…..just seems to be one thing after another which keeps me side tracked…..

More health issues to deal with….but I’m placing it in the Lord’s hands and know HE is in control….

So…..I am proud to say I did a HUGE purge in my ARTHaven….it got to the point I felt so overwhelmed by all the “stuff” I had …it put a bind in all of my creative mojo I just couldn’t deal any longer….I have to admit…this has been a HUGE release for me…..I can honestly say I feel a huge weight has been lifted from me…and it’s opening the doors for me to be creative again…so between the purge and the Eco Printer I have….I actually PLAYED this weekend for the first time in MONTHS AND MONTHS and truly had the best time…was very relaxing……I now have the loft as my ARTHaven for my creative space…and the other half space is my youngest granddaughter’s play area…

She loves the idea of her area being up here with her Nana….so she can play and I can play and she just has the best time…. πŸ˜‰

Thought I would share with you a card I made this weekend….I had a lot of fun creating it and had rekindled my love for cardmaking…..

Didn’t it turn out soft and romantic???? I just love it….Between my Silhouette Cameo and my amazing printer….I am in heaven!!! πŸ˜‰

I also created some ATC’s for an upcoming swap in a amazing group I’m trio owner of….I’ll share a link to the group below in case anyone would like to come over and join us…but….first…here’s the ATC’s I made today as well….

Didn’t these also turn out pretty…I just love them…..I put Wink of Stella on the butterflies and some Glossy Accents on the body of them….there’s a lot of dimension to these as well…..

Thought I would also share a pic of my Tator Tot this morning when she woke up from spending the nite with Nana and Papa…she wanted to play in her area before she went home…..

Ok….now….to the details on the group I’m “Trio-Owner” of….it’s called CreatingARTFriendships….we found a new group site called .IO and it’s wonderful….so much better then the Yahoo Groups….and we do not like Facebook…so this has become a WONDERFUL solution…..would love to have you come join us if you think you would love to interact with a group of creative ladies who love to chit chat and also swap……

So……that’s it for me for the this evening…have an embroidery hoop swap to work on this week…and a washi tape swap as well….don’t these swaps sound fun???? We sure would love to have you come over and join us…..we LOVE to chat…did I mention that!!! ;). I would like to thank you so much for stopping by to visit with me…..I hope you enjoyed your stay…and I do hope you’ll come by and visit again soon….Wishing you a very blessed week!!! Until next time…


17 thoughts on “Hello and Happy Sunday…

  1. Omg. I love the card and the ATC’s. I’m hoping you get my name. Woo hooo. I am so glad you are creating again. And I love that you are in the loft area. Praying for your health issues. Love you Penny.

  2. Glad to see you back! I am very interested in your new printer. Would you tell me how it is working out for you. I am so tired of replacing ink cartridges in my Epson, but that seems to be a pricey printer. What is the max sized paper you can print on and is it a scanner too? I think I see some purging in my future too!

    • Thank you so much Annette…..I absolutely LOVE this printer…..it’s an Epson ET-16500…..it will print up to a 13″x19″ paper….prints 12×12 beautifully…you WILL have about 1/8″ white edge all the way around where the ink will not print….but I usually back my pages with a solid color cards stock anyway….the quality of the printing is wonderful!!! YES it’s pricey….but the way I looked at it when making my decision…if I purchase just say 45 scrapbook pads between $15.00 and $20.00 each over the span of several years…(and we both know most crafters can do that in more like one or 2 years…..then the printer has paid for itself….and then you think about it even more…how many of the papers within a given pad are you really using because the others just aren’t want you want…..so all the other pages are waste….
      With me printing my own papers….I’m printing only what I’m wanting….and also being able to do print and cut so perfectly I have even less waste….saves me money on purchasing actual stamps because I can just use digital images…print them cut them and color them…I can choose to color before I cut if I like……and talk about the digital kits out there so many have created that are beautiful….I have thousands of digital papers to select from and graphics….it’s the perfect solution to me…saves me so much money on other supplies I would have to purchase to create….now I custom create my own embellishments to be just the size and type I want….
      Sorry…I know that is WAAAAAAYYYYYYYY more than you wanted to know…LOL. When you get me talking on a subject I’m passionate about I get diarrhea of the mouth…LOL. Then last thing I will say that is VERY IMPORTANT to remember…IF you do decide this is a good decision for you…be very sure you are purchasing from a certified Epson dealer….(ask me how I know)… LOL….I purchased mine through Staples…(THE 2ND TIME)…..Thanking the Lord the first purchase I was able to get fully refunded to me…..
      Thanks so much for your interest…..Wishing you a very blessed day!!

      • Glad to get all that info Penny! No wasted words in my opinion. I needed to know exactly how you felt about this printer and I am going to look into it seriously. I do a lot of printing both for myself and for my church since I am in charge of all our bulletin/newsletter items. This sounds like a wonderful deal to me. Thank you so much for the input. Have a Blessed day/1

  3. Your card is just beautiful! Pink is my favorite color so you would know that I would love your card! Your tags are very pretty too. and Tator Tot is a cutie! I miss the times when my granddaughter would come and create with me. (I guess she’s outgrown that!

    • Ahhh….THANK YOU so much Jill…..You know…Pink is my Tator’s favorite color as well…in fact..when I was making them she say them she told me “Oh Nana those are so pretty!!!! You know…pink is my favorite color…I like purple too…but not as much as pink!!” LOL

  4. Love your ART, sweet friend – these creations (including Tater Tot) are just beautiful! Wishing they were coming to me – especially, that lovely card! Enjoy your ARTHaven!

  5. Penny your ART is amazing! I love the cards and ATC’s you made. They are gorgeous. Tator is getting so big, She is beautiful! Hugs, Gail

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