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Trump Causes Media Implosion: Voters Cheer!

I am BEYOND proud to shout to the world that I am 1000% a #DonaldJTrumpfor President supporter and want everyone to know it…..If you’re not….it’s your right……but I will never stop trying to show to the world the TRUTH….NOT what the main stream wants people to believe……So I am choosing to use my blog as a platform for #DonaldTrump2016 because I can……If I lose followers over this I’m ok with that….because as some point in our lives we all must proudly take a stand for what we believe and not be afraid of the consequences!!! I do this for my Christian faith and I’m also doing it for my American right!!!!!


14 thoughts on “Trump Causes Media Implosion: Voters Cheer!

  1. Interesting but if you are going with someone because of your Christian faith, I’d go with someone who not only talks the walk, but walks the talk. Trump strikes me as someone who is an instant Christian because it suits his run for the presidency. I like a lot of what he says but since I’ve been praying for a Christian president, I’m going to have to vote for Ted Cruz.

    • While I totally respect your decision I would ask that you do further research for your own insight……if you do you’ll find Donald Trump has been a Christian for a very long time….he like so many others don’t make a habit of publicizing it…..that relationship is between himself and his Lord…..Ted Cruz….while on the surface “seems” like an ok choice…but once you really look into who he is and what he’s about….is part of the same pack that is tied up with the mainstream Republican party that is trying to get you to believe what they want you to believe….I would urge you to read the following article….follow the links that are supplied and then decide for yourself what is your best choice!!! The truth behind Ted Cruz and the Republican Party

  2. WHOHOO! GOOD FOR YOU! I LOVE IT! I’ve been on the edge with Donald, because of some of his statements. Just wish he could act more “presidential” but that’s just not him.

    I just pray that folks will not let that stand in their way to seeing all that Trump wants to do to bring this country back. Even with his faults, Hillary Clinton isn’t 1/1000 th of a percent the person Trump is.

    I’m on your side, lady! You Go Girl!

    Love Ya Pat


    • That’s what the GOP would want him to do…..but that’s not what this country needs in this day and time….Our wonderful country is in such a sad sad state right now…..the government is trying to take our rights away from us….we NEED a person who is tied to no one….does not owe anyone favors and calls a spade a spade and is not afraid to step on toes!!!!! IT’s LONG past due!!!! I beg and implore everyone to PLEASE do your research for your own findings on what the truth REALLY IS!!!! this is a FANTASTIC piece to read…while it’s long…it’s TRULY informative and will really open your eyes!!!!

  3. Hi Penny, I with you all the way. It’s time the American People support someone who is a great businessman and not a politician. Our present government makes me sick because they are all crooks. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are careen politicians and haven’t done what they were elected to do. I like Ben Carson and maybe he’ll be Vice President.

  4. I have been a Trump supported from day 1. Actually, even before that. He is the only person running who will do as he says. The others are making it up as they go. Thank you Penny for so loudly voicing your support! I will vote for Trump in our March Primary Election, but tonight I will vote for him with my remote and turn off Fox News Channel.

  5. Sad to see this…As a british Canadian im afraid that Americas image abroad will be totally mocked if Trump gets in.We are citizens of the world .

    • What Ted Cruz is going through right now is completely on himself…..We as Americans are NOT mockers!!! WE are SICK of liars which is exactly what this presidency we have now has consisted of and our government!!!! We WANT someone and NEED someone who is NOT politically correct!!!! The points that Cruz MUST legally address are the very things that CAN prevent him for being able to run for presidency!!!!!! Americans LOVE our country….AND our RIGHTS!!! And our fore fathers shed blood, sweat and tears to fight for and defend them!!! It is OUR DUTY as Americans to do the very same!!!! So please know….it is NOTHING against outsiders that want to LEGALLY and THROUGH THE PROPER channels come into our amazing Country……But to those who think they deserve a free ticket and also to those who want to come in to do harm to us…WE DO NOT WANT THEM!!!! It’s that simple….not trying to be harsh….but it’s time Americans take a loud verbal stand for our wonderful land!!!!!! We are NOT perfect….but who is other then our Lord and Savior!!!!!

  6. Thank you Penny! I love Donald Trump and honestly believe he is the only person right now to save and heal our country. Allowing him the time to do so, I trust him 100% to turn our “Obama-changed America” back around, to fix our economy, and to keep us safe. Our long-held American values and laws, as well as what is left of our morality, are gone if Hillary Clinton is elected President. Besides all of her other lies, which are numerous, I can’t understand how anyone could vote for her when she called the families of those killed in Benghazi liars for telling what she said to them when their loved ones bodies were returned from overseas. For all she has done and gotten away with during the past 30+ years she deserves to be in prison, not the oval office.

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