Trump Causes Media Implosion: Voters Cheer!

I am BEYOND proud to shout to the world that I am 1000% a #DonaldJTrumpfor President supporter and want everyone to know it…..If you’re not….it’s your right……but I will never stop trying to show to the world the TRUTH….NOT what the main stream wants people to believe……So I am choosing to use my blog as a platform for #DonaldTrump2016 because I can……If I lose followers over this I’m ok with that….because as some point in our lives we all must proudly take a stand for what we believe and not be afraid of the consequences!!! I do this for my Christian faith and I’m also doing it for my American right!!!!!


Hey Everyone….

Hello….I hope you are having a wonderful day!!! After working with WordPress for several months….I made the decision that Blogger is going to work better for me….I’ve been able to resolve some issues I was having and have a longer history there so opted to move back over there…All My files are still available for free over at my old blog…. please come visit me over there…..

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I wish you all a VERY blessed week!!!